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Tabletop gaming is booming, both in the UK and globally. The UK market value has grown by £100 million in the last few years (2014-2018), and recent figures estimated its value as £350 million. National lockdowns in 2020 saw sales jump again, with John Lewis reporting a 52% increase in sales.

There is a particularly strong demand for premium strategy-based games in the UK, France and Germany: countries where my working languages are spoken. With North America set to dominate the board game market in the next couple of years, it’s becoming increasingly important to get your game launched into the English-speaking market.

You’ve poured your heart into creating a great board game: now enter the anglophone market by getting it translated by someone who shares your passion for tabletop gaming. Get in touch via the contact form below:

    Game Review: Cosmic Voyage

    SAVANIA GAMES Disclosure: Savania Games provided me with a free copy of Cosmic Voyage to review. My opinions are my own. Your ship is stranded...

    Game Review: FOUL PLAY

    (After Dinner Murder Mystery) Disclosure: After Dinner Murder Mystery provided me with a free copy of Foul Play to review. My opinions are my own...

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